Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our final day of planning worked out so smoothly. Our constant meeting on the project ignited a natural flow each time we meet. The excitement of the project is increasing as well. We are beginning to see the impact the project can have on the students and the team. Our abilities as educators is increasing and our students will be all the better for it.

This meeting focused on the selection of a question and brainstorming of products to assess. Although we only created two questions the previous day, one of our team mates thought of a third question. The question was perfect and we made a unanimous decision to use it. The question is: What can NWC students do to improve the selection and/or quality of food in the cafeteria?

As we brainstormed product ideas, we came up with additional questions to answer. I completely forgot to mention that these questions can be subquestions for the students to address. I will have to mention it at our next meeting. The brainstorming of questions also overlapped with thinking about resources we had and needed.

The discussion was so effective my entire whiteboard was full of ideas. There is still more ideas to come since some of us knew we would think of other items. Our next meeting will focus on selecting the final products and begin to manage the process. Outside of the meeting, we will each start to create rubrics for the final products.

Below is a snapshot of our meeting. For detail documents of the meeting, check out

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