Sunday, April 20, 2008

Confirming-April 16th Meeting

This meeting focused on confirming dates of interviews and locations as well as launching scenario and management of process. Interviews with cafeteria manager and principal will be April 30th in the school's little theater at 1:30 p.m. We discussed the possibility of having a speaker from the local co-op organization and a chef from a local culinary school. Deann with follow up with the co-op while I contact the culinary school.

Everyone agreed with my launch idea presented in the last meeting. More details to the organization of the launch was completed. As suggested in the Reinventing Project Based Learning book, we will have students complete their own contract. We will also look at preassigned tables of the teams and having food tasting at the table. We are also looking at getting a copy of the movie "Super-size me" and show a snippet.

We started an initial planning of what day each week we will have joint classes to work on the project. Deann and I will pair up first week in my room. The students will review not only their process but also the collection of data for charts. Debra and I will also pair up the following week for the survey results. Our next meeting will focus on the remaining weeks and any other tweaking of the process. Right now, our management process is more of an outline. We will firm up the details at the next meeting and monitor it during the project.

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