Friday, May 9, 2008

Rolling On

Students worked diligently today on their menus and their lab report. I forgot the lab report was due on Thursday so students in my class did not work on that element. DeAnn agreed to allow them to work till Tuesday.

I took lots of pictures of the students working and am working on putting it on a flicker page. I will create another post when this and the movie of the launch is complete.


Suzie Boss said...

Hi Telannia,
Great to hear how this is going now that you've shifted from "the plan" to real life with students!
To bring more attention to what you are doing here, I just blogged about PBL Birdside at Edutopia's Spiral Notebook ( Feel free to add to the conversation there, too.
Hearing about your experience is useful for all of us who are trying to improve real-world learning for students.

Telannia Norfar, Logic CEO said...

Thanks! I will check it out that section and post. I love Edutopia but didn't know about the spiral notebook

John Peters said...

Great Job! I have to say that you are challenging your students to reach their maximum potential.

Telannia Norfar, Logic CEO said...

Thank you John.