Thursday, July 31, 2008

International Project

I am so excited. For the first time, I am going to do a project with a teacher from another country. Thanks to searching by a technology coordinator, I am going to be a joint project with a teacher in Australia. Did I say I am so excited?

Yesterday, we talked more about the details of the project. We talked for the first time before school released for me in May. We discussed how we will start out small with one class and try to use just a few tools. We thought a ning or wiki would be a great communication tool. We agreed to talk again during the summer. Of course, we both became really busy and we didn't get to talk again until yesterday.

It was such a great conversation. We decided we will start the project on September 15th. We will both use our advanced class to do the project. The focus will be on budgeting. We are going to have the students investigate what it is like to live in each other's city doing the career of their choice. We thought it would be great for the students to focus on a different aspect of finances each week and close the project with the students creating a budget. We are still working on the details.

I created a wiki to track my curriculum for the year. For the next week, we will both edit the page for planning our project. If you want to follow our progress, check out this link:

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