Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Collaborating is the best way

I just got off skype with Tim in Australia. It was a very productive conversation. We talked for over an hour. We only got interrupted twice. He is so awesome. He is a testament that you don't have to experienced PBL to do a project. He has come up with the majority of the scaffolding activities to help the project flow nicely.

Today, we really worked out the meat of the project. We determined the project will be about 12 weeks. Before we actually launch the project question, we are going to have the students check out each other's respective cities. The students will see the location on google map, be introduced to each other through a voicethread and check out facts about each other's city.

The next major part of the project is the weekly activities from start to finish. We even added two other products to the project. The students will create a report to accompany their budget and they will create a video tape a presentation. There were so many details we were able to catch because we discussed it together. When I have created projects on my own, I never had anyone to bounce ideas off of and discovered holes during implementation. I believe this proejct will run really smoothly because we have two eyes on it.

For details on the structure, check out norfarcur.pbwiki.com

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