Friday, April 4, 2008

Teams Set & Rubrics to be reviewed

Establishing teams is very challenging to do. You want personalities to mix well but you want strengths to be distributed as well. In my own classroom, my students are always setting in group s of three to four. Within each group, each student is paired with another student. Typically it is a great or average student paired with a weaker student.

Our school's instructional facilitator created cooperative learning groups for the English teacher based on the students reading score. As I stated in the previous post, this was the basis of the grouping with also a mixture of personalities. The team focused on revising the original team list. Some students were moved but the conversation was very interesting.

We moved students based upon being friends and probably accomplishing nothing together. Other students were moved to offer a true mix of abilities. It was funny how we discussed how some students need to be moved due to their lack of work ethic. I presented the case instead of spreading out the non-workers to teams that do work, let's see if putting in one group would work. This gives them the opportunity to share in a zero together or rise to the occasion because they have no one to lean on.

Most of us finished our rubrics and shared them with review. We will discuss any changes to rubrics, time lines and how to launch at the meetings next week. We will only meet on Wednesday to Friday next week.


RPBL said...

I appreciate your thoughtful effort to group kids in order to maximize contributions and learning. Sometimes a homogeneous group is just the thing -- in your case the slackers, grouped together, will have to figure out how to move the project forward in self-reliant ways. I remember when teaching a blended 4/5 class resisting the urge to distribute younger kids among more accomplished project-experienced fifth graders. They moved a great distance and I was glad I'd done it. PLEASE keep these blog posts coming!

Telannia Norfar, Logic CEO said...

Thanks for the comment. I want to make sure I am truly helping people. Without comments, I don't know if I am helping.