Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Sleuth-Day 3-Preparing to Present

Today, the students examined what they had gathered and worked to solidify a solution. The students worked really well together to formulate the key areas they would discuss for the presentation. The students decided to focus on the areas the letter addressed which was energy-efficiency, safety, Olympics and general knowledge of PAVs. The students felt based upon the information they gathered, they could explain the best way to use PAVs for the 2016 Olympics. I was so proud of the to really utilize the facts they had at hand to come to their conclusions.

The greatest part of the day was how they used Google docs and Mywebspiration to work on their presentations. I used Google docs and Mywebspiration a lot in my classroom the previous year. Google docs and mywebspiration allows multiple people to work on a document at the same time. Mywebspiration makes you wait in line to edit but it is pretty quick to allow you to edit next. Google docs allows you to work on a different slide at the same time as someone else.

I informed all the people working in summer sleuths of the technology so that they could use it as well. We all used Google docs while some of us also used mywebspiration as well. Basically, I created five dummy google accounts called sleuthyellow followed by a number. This helped me to know who was doing what when it came time to edit. I created a presenation with 16 slides. This is so that each group can work on different slides. The students choose which topic they wanted to talk on. I told them which slides they would work on and they went to work on their slides in the computer lab. They not only worked during the summer sleuth program but some worked in the evening at home. This is one of the beautiful aspects of using Web 2.0 tools. It doesn't require the students to have a special program or load the document on a USB. They can access from any internet access.

Check out this picture of one student working on the presenation.

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