Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going to be a busy year

As I get ready to start the year, I am feeling behind and really excited. I hope I am not alone in this feeling. I have to admit part of my anxiety is due to taking on a new responsibility that will require more time. I also spent most of the summer doing professional development. I did not get a chance to work on curriculum like the previous summer. Despite my mixed feelings and thoughts, I had an amazing revelation while at school.

This revelation came almost at the end of the day when I realized I didn't get many of my classroom tasks completed. How is it I spent 8 hours at school and barely got my classroom tasks ready? It is the day before school and guess what I spent most of the day doing? Helping other people. Although I hate I didn't work some personal tasks accomplished, I realized that I am starting to love helping other teachers just as much as I love teaching students.

It is with this realization that I have made a greater commitment to keep up my blog. I know that the more I am consistent with this blog the more I am helping other teachers. I have placed in my iPhone an alert to make a post every Sunday and Wednesday. It is amazing how much I get done now that I place it in my iPhone.

To all you blog watchers out there, here is another info spot. I will continue to focus on project based learning with an integration of technology emphasis. However, I am going to discuss general technology information or teaching strategies. I will not only talk about how I am doing it in my math class but I will also share items that would be helpful for other subject areas. Please comment as much as possible to let me know I am providing helpful information.


Corali said...

Hi Telannia,
I´m writing from Peru. I like your blog quite a lot.
I´m interested in PBL and I´ll try to put it into my Biology class this semester. This kind methodology is new in my country (specially in public education) and I´d only learned about it by Internet or through blogs like yours.
I´m hope you´ll continue post it.

Saludos cordiales
PD. Disculpa mi terrible gramática en inglés.

Telannia Norfar, Logic CEO said...

Thanks so much for your interest. I am actually going to conduct a project in January that is cross-disciplinary. The basic question is "How safe is your water?" Students from one of my classes will team with students from Biology classes, Social studies and English class in my building to answer this question. One of the goals of the project is to partner with students in other countries to see how safe is anyone's water. Other questions they will ponder is how this affects the body, ability to live in an area, how it can be corrected, etc. I would love it if you could join! If you are interested, please email me at and I will give you details of the project before we roll it out.